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Field Guides to Food

Real food is Local and Community-Based.

Real food is Local and Community-Based.

These foods can be traced to nearby farms and businesses that are locally owned and operated. Sourcing these foods supports the local economy, builds community relations, and offers us fresh, seasonal, more nutritious food.
  1. Privately-traded or cooperatively owned.
  2. Grosses less than 1% of industry leader.
  3. Full autonomy & decision-making power.
  4. Produced, processed, & distributed:
    • within 150 miles or
    • within 250 miles
Producer & 50% of ingredients meet above criteria in multi-source or multi-ingredient products.
The path below provides some examples of organizations, researchers, individuals, and more who are part of the conversation around this topic because they believe that it is important.

Feel free to move through the path in any order, and spend more time on whichever ones interest you.

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