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Food Affordability

"Food security" is often used to talk about the concept of food affordability." The phrase food security can be understood in several different ways, including from a national security perspective...
... and from a food access perspective. (Definitions in this realm often have significant overlap but vary in the scope and specificity of the elements included.)Related terms: community food security, food insecurity
Poverty can be defined
Related terms: low-income, low economic resources

The word access can be used in several divergent senses, including
A definition of food access provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is very inclusive of concepts relating to the first two bullet points:
"A food-security concept that includes availability or adequacy of supply of healthy food; accessibility or
the location of the food supply and the distance to that location (can refer to a community level or within
a household); affordability refers to food prices and people’s perception of worth relative to the cost;
acceptability or people’s attitudes about attributes of their local food environment and degree that local
food meets certain personally held standards; and accommodation or how well local food sources accept
and adapt to local residents’ needs, such as store hours and types of payments accepted."

Food deserts are defined in terms of nutrition...
...and/or affordability.

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