AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles v.2: version 2

Respect Author Rights and Re-use Permissions, Scenario 3

You are an undergraduate in your senior year specializing in early industrial design. You are developing an ePortfolio as part of your senior capstone project. You plan to also use this ePortfolio in the job market. As artifacts, you include your sample designs across a range of project contexts and your theory of industrial design. 

While you want your employers to be able to view your work and ability, you also want to make sure they know which material is re-usable and which parts of your portfolio are not. In one of your classes, your educator discussed copyright and the use of Creative Commons licenses, and you understand their benefits. You add an appropriate Creative Commons license to your pages indicating to anyone who views your portfolio what material can be reused. You clearly state that all other parts of your portfolio remain under copyright.

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