AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles v.2: version 2

Respect Author Rights and Re-use Permissions, Scenario 2

You are an undergraduate student in their senior year. You are creating an ePortfolio as you apply for elementary teaching positions. You plan to discuss your student teaching experience in a first grade classroom, specifically a lesson that you co-designed with the supervising educator. When including details about the lesson, you want to be clear about the role that you played while giving credit to the supervising educator. Additionally, you share how you will write about this experience with the educator and get her approval of how you represented her work on the project. 

As you start building this page in your ePortfolio, you realize that you would like to include photos of you teaching the lesson. You are worried about including images of young children without guardian permission, but you also know your audience will be engaged by seeing photos of you teaching. Instead of showing students’ faces, you focus on images where the educator is the only identifiable face (e.g., the students are faced toward the front of the room) or blur student faces and include a caption with the photo that explains why you made this ethical consideration.

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