Writing With Substance: You Can Haz it! SRSLY!

Identifying and Formulating Claims

In class, we'll talk about the Classical roots of argumentative writing, including the Five Canons of Rhetoric and the basics of Stasis Theory, articulated here, on a site by Andrew Kline, as part of the "invention" stage. 

We'll think about the Stases not just as a means for generating arguments, but as types of claims that you will begin to recognize in everything you read. For instance, you will find articles in which writers work to establish the existence of something; define the nature of that something; evaluate whether it is good or bad; describe its causes or its impact on other things; and argue for a course of action in response or relation to any of the other sorts of claims. 

I won't write more here until we've worked through some examples from the research you have done on your own and together as class. 

[We'll lay out examples below...]  

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