Writing With Substance: You Can Haz it! SRSLY!

Finding Something to Read Using Library Databases

Here are three examples of how we can use our library databases to find information on a broad topic.

In the first of them, I show you where to find Education Full Text and how to conduct and narrow a simple search.

I also show you one of the items that is not available online and tell you how to cope with the very disheartening news that you have to visit the library itself occasionally. (But it's fine! Nice, even. You might even like it, and if you don't, perhaps you can console yourself with a muffin on the way out. Or, if you really can not get to the library, we have this wonderful service, which will deliver you a PDF file for something we own in print journals.)

In the second, I show you examples of the items you'll find in adjacent databases and how easy it is to order an item that is only available through Interlibrary Loan.    

In the third, I show you examples of what small adjustments in your searches--and searching in a different database (in this case JSTOR)--can enable. 

After you have watched all three videos, you will be ready to complete Assignment 5, which will require logging on to our course Blackboard site and participating in discussions there, under the guidelines provided in the assignment prompt.

Go directly to Reading and Writing: Assignment 5 by clicking here.

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