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Finding Books Using Lexicat

Lexicat is the database we use to search the library's holdings of books and other materials. 
It is not a way to find single articles in journals or essays and chapters within books. We will be looking at these materials in class "IRL"--that is, in real life--so that you have a sense of the material objects we're talking about when we describe sources you might use in academic writing.
The library has provided the following videos that explain how to use Lexicat. You may feel that the content is beneath you--after all, you grew up doing Google searches, right? But I assure you that every semester I have students insist to me that the library didn't have much to offer on their particular paper topic, and they have been quite misguided in thinking so each time. Library catalogs are not difficult to figure out, but they use a system that you can't fully understand until you actually try to understand it. So please watch these videos.
As usual, we'll follow up in class with additional search techniques, because good research requires both persistence and repeated attempts with slight modifications to find new materials. Please watch the following videos (1:18 and 2:37).
On Title searches, which you will use to complete Assignment 1:
On Subject searches, which you'll find especially useful after you've found at least one source that seems to be perfect for your needs:

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