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Reading and Writing Assignment 8

Assignment 8 is designed to ensure you have work completed in service of Assignment 9, an actual, bona fide writing assignment that counts for a significant portion of your final grade for the course. If you're reading this prompt, you know you're getting close to a deadline in which you need to submit a draft.

Remember that Assignment 9 is not a paper on your topic; rather, it's a paper about the scholarship and non-academic writing that will be relevant for your final paper on the topic itself. Accordingly, the focus on Assignment 9 needs to be the research and writing you find as you learn more about what scholars have added to the critical landscape over time.

In order to ensure that you've done your "due diligence," Assignment 8 will require to read at least 4 academic articles on your topic (or chapters and/or introductions and conclusions in academic studies published in the form of books/monographs). But you will also want to ensure you know what people have written about your topic in other sorts of publications, including news sites, blogs, and non-scholarly periodicals. In fact, depending on the precise nature of your topic, you might be best served by starting with non-academic writing on it. Try searches in the research databases and also conduct regular web searches multiple times as you make progress learning about your topic.

For full credit for Assignment 8, you should make an annotated bibliography with a short summary of a total of 4 academic sources and three other sources as well as a sentence or two indicating what, in particular, the article will be useful for, either in writing assignment 10, or in helping you think more about how to refine your topic or a new direction to explore. 
Your bibliography must include a total of 6 sources, 4 of them peer-reviewed, with a paragraph of writing about each.

Keep in mind that some of this reading will simply be part of preliminary research and will not ultimately be something you incorporate into your final paper.

Submit your bibliography to the Turnitin link on Blackboard by the start of class. 

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