The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945

Books of Note

Member books are in bold type. To suggest a recently published book for inclusion on this new annual list, please contact our book review editors.

Abel, Richard, editor. Movie Mavens: US Newspaper Women Take On the Movies, 1914-1923. U of Illinois P, 2021.

Adkins, Peter. The Modernist Anthropocene: Nonhuman Life and Planetary Change in James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Djuna Barnes. Edinburgh UP, 2022.

Arts, Mara. Interwar London after Dark in British Popular Culture. Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.

Berliner, Jonathan. William Faulkner and the Materials of Writing. Cambridge UP, 2023.

Blake, Elizabeth. Edible Arrangements: Modernism's Queer Forms. Cambridge UP, 2023.

Bratton, Francesca. Visionary Company: Hart Crane and Modernist Periodicals. Edinburgh UP, 2022.

Brooks, Helen E. M., and Michael Hammon, editors. The Cambridge Companion to British Theatre of the First World War. Cambridge UP, 2023.

Calo, Mary Ann. African American Artists and the New Deal Art Programs: Opportunity, Access, and Community. Penn State UP, 2023.

Casini, Giovanni. Léonce Rosenberg’s Cubism: The Galerie L’Effort Moderne in Interwar Paris. Penn State UP, 2023.

Clarke, Christa. The Activist Collector: Lida Clanton Broner’s 1938 Journey from Newark to South Africa. Rutgers UP, 2023.

Cooper, Melinda J. Middlebrow Modernism: Eleanor Dark's Interwar Fiction. Sydney UP, 2022.

Corrigan, John Michael. Faulkner’s Cartographies of Consciousness. Cambridge UP, 2023.

Coulson, Victoria. Elizabeth Bowen's Psychoanalytic Fiction. Edinburgh UP, 2020.

Dayton, Tim, and Mark W. Van Wienen, editors. A History of American Literature and Culture of the First World War. Cambridge UP, 2021.

Donaldson, Scott. Fitzgerald and the War Between the Sexes. Penn State UP, 2023.

Dunbar, Eve, and Ayesha K. Hardison, editors. African American Literature in Transition, 1930-1940. Cambridge UP, 2023.

Earle, David, editor. Where All Good Flappers Go: Essential Stories of the Jazz Age. Pushkin Press, 2023.

English, Elizabeth, Jana Funke, and Sarah Parker, editors. Interrogating Lesbian Modernism: Histories, Forms, Genres. Edinburgh UP, 2023.

Fagg, John. Re-envisioning the Everyday: American Genre Scenes, 1905-1945. Penn State UP, 2023.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Complete Magazine Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1921-1924. Edited by Alexandra Mitchell and Jennifer Nolan. Edinburgh UP, 2023.

Fuchs Abrams, Sabrina. New York Women of Wit in the Twentieth Century. Penn State UP, 2023.

Gaedtke, Andrew. Modernism and the Machinery of Madness: Psychosis, Technology, and Narrative Worlds. Cambridge UP, 2022.

Gano, Geneva. The Little Art Colony and US Modernism: Carmel, Provincetown, Taos. Edinburgh UP, 2020.

Gasston, Aimée. Modernist Short Fiction and Things. Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

---, Gerri Kimber, and Todd Martin, editors. Katherine Mansfield, Illness and Death. Edinburgh UP, 2023.

Gould, Thomas, and Ian Tan, editors. Wallace Stevens in Theory. Liverpool UP, 2023.

Hankins, Gabriel. Interwar Modernism and the Liberal World Order: Offices, Institutions, and Aesthetics after 1919. Cambridge UP, 2019.

Hobson, Suzanne. Unbelief in Interwar Literary Culture: Doubting Moderns. Oxford UP, 2022.

Högberg, Elsa, editor. Modernist Intimacies. Edinburgh UP, 2021.

Hung, Jochen. Moderate Modernity: The Newspaper Tempo and the Transformation of Weimar Democracy. U of Michigan P, 2023.

James, Winston. Claude McKay: The Making of a Black Bolshevik. Columbia UP, 2022.

Johnson, Katie N. Racing the Great White Way: Black Performance, Eugene O’Neill, and the Transformation of Broadway. U of Michigan P,

Karoula, Rania. The Federal Theatre Project, 1935-1939: Engagement and Experimentation. Edinburgh UP, 2020.

Klein, Scott W., and Michael Valdez Moses, editors. A Modernist Cinema: Film Art from 1914 to 1941. Oxford UP, 2021.

Knor, Denise. Transpacific Convergences: Race, Migration, and Japanese American Film Culture before World War II. U of North Carolina P, 2022.

Krolik Hollenberg, Donna. Winged Words: The Life and Work of the Poet H.D. U of Michigan P, 2022.

Levy, Heather. Reconsidering Elizabeth Bowen's Shorter Fiction: Dead Reckoning. Lexington Books, 2021.

London, Bette. Posthumous Lives: World War I and the Culture of Memory. Cornell UP, 2022.

Mellor, Leo. Reading the Ruins: Modernism, Bombsites and British Culture. Cambridge UP, 2021.

Moore, Robbie. Hotel Modernity: Corporate Space in Literature and Film. Edinburgh UP, 2021.

Morin, Emilie, editor. Early Radio: An Anthology of European Texts and Translations. Edinburgh UP, 2023.

Ng, Zhao. Djuna Barnes and Theology: Melancholy, Body, Theodicy. Bloomsbury Academic, 2022.

O’Connor, Elizabeth Foley. Pamela Colman Smith: Artist, Feminist, and Mystic. Clemson UP, 2021.

Parkes, Adam. Modernism and the Aristocracy: Monsters of English Privilege. Oxford UP, 2023.

Ryan, Derek. Bloomsbury, Beasts and British Modernist Literature. Cambridge UP, 2022.

Shaheen, Aaron, and Rosa María Bautista-Cordero, editors. John Dos Passos's Transatlantic Chronicling: Critical Essays on the Interwar Years. U of Tennessee P, 2022.

Taggard, Genevieve.To Test the Joy: Selected Poetry and Prose. Edited by Anne Hammond. Boiler House Press, 2023.

Thaggert, Miriam, and Rachel Farebrother, eds. African American Literature in Transition, 1920–1930. Cambridge UP, 2022.

Tucker, Lauryl. Unexpected Pleasures: Parody, Queerness, and Genre in 20th-century British Fiction. Clemson UP, 2021.

West III, James L. W. Business is Good: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Professional Writer. Penn State UP, 2023.

Wyrtzen, Jonathan. Worldmaking in the Long Great War: How Local and Colonial Struggles Shaped the Modern Middle East. Columbia UP, 2022.


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