The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945

Volume 19 | From the Editors | Acknowledgements

Thank you to everyone who worked on or wrote for this volume of the journal. Your timely responses and gracious professionalism was essential to putting this edition of the journal together. As some of you know, I was appointed to an administrative position in June 2023—something I am very much enjoying—which put pressure on my work as editor. I am extremely fortunate to have Josh Lam as an associate editor: he has been a great partner and I am looking forward to our work on volume 20 as well as in solicitation of a special issue for volume 22.

For this volume, I would like to thank the Roswell Museum for granting permission to use a cropped version of one of the images from Sara Woodbury’s fine analysis of traveling art exhibitions as the cover image for the volume. The cropped portion features a bench created by Domingo Tejada, supervisor of the museum’s carpentry shop, now recognized as “a significant example of WPA design.”

I hope our readers will be inspired by this bench to take a moment to sit down with this volume and ponder the careful analyses of literature and culture the authors in this volume offer. This year, we have new treatments of well-known figures like Rebecca West, Katherine Mansfield, and Louis MacNeice, as well as a polished reassessment of Mabel Seeley as a crime writer.

This year, we offer a reflection on our annual conference from the organizers. Bonnie Roos and Amy Von Lintel developed a program that took to heart the meaning of outreach, and those members who were unable to attend will experience serious post-conference FOMO on reading their summary and reflection. 

This volume also presents the first slate of reviews organized and edited by our new duo of book review editors: Sarah Gleeson-White and Jess Masters. They have curated a set of reviews that address concerns that have often interested the membership of the Space Between, and they have continued the brisk organizational skill and careful attention to detail that characterizes book review editors for this journal. 

Finally, many thanks to our anonymous readers for their thoughtful reviews and to my son Ted Nesbitt for proofreading some of our essays.

Jen Nesbitt

I would like to thank Jen for patiently and graciously introducing me to the journal's editorial process. I would also like to thank the contributors for their exciting work. 

Josh Lam
Associate Editor

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