The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945

Reviews and Review Essays

The Space Between publishes reviews and review essays on books and other media that represent various disciplines' approaches to the literature and culture of the space between the wars.  The book review section includes reviews of new editions and reissues of neglected intermodernist works.  


Guidelines for reviewers are as follows:
  • Review length: a monograph, 1000-1250 words; a new critical edition or reissued text, 1000-1250; an essay collection, 1250-1500 words; review essay of multiple works,  1250-1500 words.
  • For reviews of new editions or reissues, since these works are, by definition, little known, reviews should include a brief synopsis of the primary text as well as evaluation of any critical apparatus. Reviewers are encouraged to comment upon how a new critical edition would work for teaching, or how a recently recovered work might be situated alongside other more well-known texts.
  • Reviews should follow MLA style guidelines.
  • For proper style guidelines regarding information about the book(s) in the review header, refer to previous issues of The Space Between
  • Reviewers are encouraged to use language in a gender-inclusive manner, and to avoid language that might indicate forms of bias or noninclusivity.  In general, employ in writing reviews "the book," "the study," "the author," etc., rather than "he" or "she."  Authors are welcome to get in touch regarding their pronouns.  These will be followed.
Potential reviewers, as well as publishers interested in sending review copies, should direct all queries to the Book Review Editors Sarah Gleeson-White and Jessica Masters at  Wherever possible, prospective reviewers should not be in past or current collaboration (such as co-editor or grant co-applicant) with the author(s) under review.



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