The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945

Volume 17 | 2021 | General Issue

2022 Conference Preview: Link to featured abstracts, reading lists, and keynote information. 


Drawing on Class, Mobilizing Consent: British Humorous Cartoons of the First World War
Tammy Clewell, Kent State University

New Poetry’s Dead Folk: Whiteness and Community in Spoon River Anthology
Caroline Gelmi, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

“An Island, Which Was Home”: Jean Rhys’s and Elma Napier’s Anticolonial Caribbean Fiction
Alex Fabrizio, Nicholls State University

“Learning to be Dead”: The Articulation of Suffering and Compassion in the Poetry and Fiction of Lilian Bowes Lyon
Joyce E. Kelley, Auburn University at Montgomery

Phyllis Bottome—An Intermodernist Under Treatment in the Age of Modernism: Tuberculosis and the Embrace of Alfred Adler’s Depth Psychology
Alexis Pogorelskin, University of Minnesota-Duluth

“Whatever do you expect?” Elizabeth Bowen’s Queer Gothic
Lauryl Tucker, The University of the South


Race in the Space Between
Justin Smith, The Pennsylvania State University


Blitz Writing: Night Shift & It Was Different at the Time, by Inez Holden
Kristen Bluemel, editor
Reviewed by Judy Suh, Duquesne University


India, Empire, and First World War Culture: Writings, Images, and Songs
Santanu Das
Reviewed by Claire Buck, Wheaton College

Black Land: Imperial Ethiopianism and African America
Nadia Nurhussein
Reviewed by Elizabeth M. Sheehan, Oregon State University

Time and Tide: The Feminist and Cultural Politics of a Modern Magazine
Catherine Clay
Reviewed by Barbara Green, Notre Dame University

Bio-power | The Passion Projects: Modernist Women, Intimate Archives, Unfinished Lives, by Melanie Micir, and Literary Couples and 20th-Century Life Writing:  Narrative and Intimacy, by Janine Utell
Reviewed by Jennifer P. Nesbitt, The Pennsylvania State University, York

British Literature and Culture in Second World Wartime: For the Duration
Francis Pong
Reviewed by Peter Lowe, Queen’s University

Novel Theory and Technology in Modernist Britain
Heather Fielding
Reviewed by Eric B. White, Oxford Brookes University

Red Britain: The Russian Revolution in Mid-Century Culture
Matthew Taunton
Reviewed by Nick Hubble, Brunel University London

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