The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945

Volume 17 | From the Editor | Acknowledgements

Jennifer Nesbitt, General Editor

Editing this volume, my first, has been an exhilarating and humbling experience. I started deep in the pandemic and I still feel like I am getting my legs under me. My gratitude to the authors in this volume and to the associate editors Liz Evans and Amanda Golden is unbounding—for their collective patience, good will, and expertise in their respective areas. Janine Utell, the former editor, has been generous with advice and time, all while transitioning to a new position at the Modern Language Association. I also want to thank Jan Miele, of Miele-Fleury Design, for assistance with graphic design; Erik Loyer of the Annenberg Innovation Lab for assistance with Scalar, in matters great and small; and Ted Nesbitt, freshly minted graduate of McGill University, who helped with proofreading and preparation of manuscripts.

Much of the work for this volume predates my tenure: my thanks also go to the readers so generously offer their time to evaluate and improve manuscripts. I am looking forward to working with the editorial board and advisory board of the journal as we maintain the currency and quality our readers expect and enjoy.  Finally, many thanks to the board of The Space Between, a welcoming and committed group of scholars dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary scholarship. 

Finally, the robust contents of this issue have drawn me to the archives of the journal, and I call attention to work appearing in The Space Between's print edition archive related to topics and themes in this issue:

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