The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945

Volume 13 | 2017 | International Intrigue: Plotting Espionage as Cultural Artifact

A Special Topics Issue

Phyllis Lassner
Northwestern University
Will May
University of Southampton

Editors' Introduction


Trial by Genre

Rebecca West and the "Radio Traitor": The 1351 Treason Act in 1945
David Glover

Spyography: Compton Mackenzie, Modernism, and the Intelligence Memoir
Mark David Kaufman

"Now you’re one of us": Postwar Surveillance in Billy Wilder's A Foreign Affair
Paula Derdiger

Intelligent Forms

Snoop-Women with Notebooks: Naomi Mitchison, Mass Observation, and the Gender of Domestic Intelligence
Megan Faragher

Intelligence and Information in the Espionage Fiction of Dennis Wheatley
Rebecah Pulsifer and Slaney Chadwick Ross

Archiving the Spy

Pearl S. Buck’s FBI File, 1938–1945
Stuart Christie

Three Layers of Ambiguity: Homosexual Spies and International Intrigue in Fascist Italy
Benedetta Carnaghi

“The Ends of a State”: James Angleton, Counterintelligence and the New Criticism
John Kimsey

Dancing with Boatmen, or the Retirement of the Spy: Espionage and Community in W. H. Auden's Poetry
Erin G. Carlston


Memory and Prophecy in the Space Between
Alex Belsey


Espionage and Exile: Fascism and Anti-Fascism in British Spy Fiction and Film
Phyllis Lassner
Reviewed by Robin Feenstra

Around 1945: Literature, Citizenship, Rights
Allan Hepburn, ed.
Reviewed by Eleni Coundouriotis

Modernism at the Microphone: Radio, Propaganda, and Literary Aesthetics during World War II
Melissa Dinsman
Reviewed by Ian Whittington

At the Mercy of Their Clothes: Modernism, the Middlebrow, and British Garment Culture
Celia Marshik
Reviewed by Sarah Cornish

Conceiving Strangeness in British First World War Writing
Claire Buck
Reviewed by Ann Rea

Mourning and Mysticism in First World War Literature and Beyond: Grappling with Ghosts
George M. Johnson
Reviewed by Marlene Briggs


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