Sounding Childhood

"Dare to do right"

“Dare to do right”  was a popular song found in numerous Bands of Hope and Bands of Mercy songbooks.  Bands of Hope were organization for children as part of the Temperance Movement to teach children the value of abstinence, while Bands of Mercy taught children the humane treatment of animals.  Both used this song to join in the “fight” to reform society.  This song, and “Wave the Flag,” engages children with an almost militaristic thrill.  “Dare to do right” puts the message in the context of Christian moral living:

"Dare to do right! Dare to be true!
Other men's failure can never save you!
Stand by your conscience, your honor, your faith,
Stand like a hero and battle till death" (v. 2)

This score is from the Programme to a famous “Church of England Temperance Society Exeter Hall Meeting on April 26th, 1898,
  for adults as well as children.  The tune is by the famous American hymn-composer of catchy tunes, William Bradbury.  Perhaps because of this singable tune, it was the second-favorite song of the camp-kids as they marched around the church sanctuary.


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