Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies


A final word:

          The digital divide is a prominent issue that many of us are not aware of, including myself before taking this course. The digital divide as many other issues, has multiple components (such as race and gender) coming towards it that make it bigger and bigger. The advancements of technology have created multiple shortcuts and advantages for us today, but we must also give attention to the problems that it creates as well. We are all well aware that not every person of every race are given the same resources to access such technological advantages. Instagram may be a slither of such technology advantages, but then just imagine what else others are missing out on besides a photo sharing Web service. Even as you are reading this blog post, you needed the Internet to access it. There are thousands of people out there that will never be able to view the data sets I provided or know about Robinson's normalization hypothesis, all because they do not have Internet access. We take Internet access as a necessity in life, when in reality it is unfortunately a privilege/luxury to have. The authors mentioned within the blog post, are of a few voices that give attention to the digital divide and its different elements, but there can be so many more voices for the issue. It is time that people, including us, contribute to minimizing the digital divide and allowing Internet access to be available to everyone. Because we are of different demographics, does not mean that some of us should not be able to cross into the advantageous line of the digital divide. No Internet user should be left behind.

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