The Prague Spring Archive

Box 180

Folder 1 (200 pages) - 1963-1967
Contains briefs on USSR-Czech talks after the Soviet invasion, reports on early Czechoslovak immigration to United States, memos about remaining Soviet troops at the end of 1968, notes on ambassador Duda’s meeting with Secretary Rusk in September 1968, a CIA report with a comprehensive overview of contemporary Czech leadership, and a booklet that serves as a compilation of documents and commentary, specifically detailing Soviet and Western media sources, on the Soviet Invasion launched on August 21, 1968.

Folder 2  (130 pages) - 1964-1968
Contains documents addressing reactions to the Warsaw Pact Forces’ invasion of Czechoslovakia from a variety of countries, including reactions from Italian Communists and various  “3rd World” countries as assessed by the CIA. Issues with US accepting Czech refugees are addressed. Also includes a CIA memo that details how the USSR's invasion of Czechoslovakia has affected the Communist movement worldwide, along with documents detailing economic effects of the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Folder 3 (120 pages) - March-August, 1968 
Contains a CIA intelligence memorandum regarding NATO countries’ response to the invasion of Czechoslovakia, memos for President Johnson regarding Czech refugees and authorization for assistance to them, and a summary of broad, worldwide reaction to the Warsaw Pact Forces’ invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Folder 4  (145 pages) - July-August, 1968
Contains many documents detailing European reactions to the Warsaw Pact Forces’ invasion of Czechoslovakia, with press, public, and governmental reactions all noted. The USSR’s explanation of the invasion to other countries is also detailed, as well as communications between Czech politicians and American ambassadors abroad.

Folder 5 (150 pages) - Mid-late July, 1968
Contains telegrams and cables of the State Department and CIA related to reactions by foreign governments, dignitaries, foreign media, and statements by a range of foreign political parties (especially communist) to the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact, as well as mentions of Czech refugees. The telegrams and cables include reactions from Greece, NATO, and various European countries, among others.

Folder 6  (185 pages) - April-June, 1968 
Contains communications on the Czech situation from London to Washington, reports on falling morale in Germany due to anticipation of a possible invasion, memos regarding reports coming out of Poland’s embassy in Warsaw relating Polish support of invasion, telegrams describing reasons for Romanian support for the Czech position, analysis of Yugoslav reaction, telegram between U.S. Secretary of State and U.S.S.R. ambassador regarding possible reasons for invasion.
Folder 7 (135 pages) - Summer, 1968
Contains cables between the United States and various African governments regarding the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, telegrams sent from the U.S. asking for the reaction of African countries to the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, and telegrams sent from African countries primarily expressing varying degrees of disapproval of Soviet actions.

Folder 8 (80 pages) - August, 1968
Contains telegrams and cables dated from August 1968 reporting on international reactions to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.  These include official statements, summaries of press reaction, and statements from local communist or socialist parties from Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Taiwan, India, Japan, North and South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Republic of Vietnam.

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