The Prague Spring Archive

Key Documents

The links below lead to selections of key documents from Box 179, Box 180, and Box 181 of the Prague Spring Archive. Each list of documents contains direct links to the full documents housed in Texas ScholarWorks. 


 Key documents from Box 179 include telegrams, memos, cables, and CIA communications addressing the invasion of Czechoslovakia, diplomacy between the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and the United States, and the changing political climate in Prague, among other issues.


 Key documents from Box 180 include a CIA report on the future of Czech leadership, information on the relationship between Czechoslovakia and the USSR, discussion of Czech and Slovak refugees, and descriptions of global reactions to the invasion of Czechoslovakia.


 Key documents from Box 181 include a news report on Cuban reaction to the invasion of Czechoslovakia, a cable regarding the United States Communist Party, and a variety of CIA intelligence memoranda regarding the situation in Czechoslovakia.

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