The Prague Spring Archive

Box 179

Folder 1 (80 pages) - 1963-1967
Contains telegrams, notes and memorandums covering internal telegrams covering a wide range of political topics relating to President Novotny, the Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, the Jordan Case, and Czech-U.S. relations, among other documents.

Folder 2  (100 pages) - 1964-1968
Contains telegrams, memos, and reports on Czech foreign and domestic policy between 1964-1967, as well as letters and memoranda including discourse from President Johnson, Kissinger, and Rostow with high-level Czechoslovak officials, among other documents.

Folder 3 (65 pages) - March-August, 1968 
Contains telegrams and CIA cables regarding U.S.-Czech relations and possible financial aid and intervention, along with correspondence considering Soviet reactions to Czech developments and the likelihood of Soviet military action, among other documents.

Folder 4  (50 pages) - July-August, 1968
Contains CIA Situation Reports on Czechoslovakia, memos and notes regarding USSR-Czech relations and communiques, text and analysis of Alexander Dubček’s speech on August 2, 1968, and a memo from W.W. Rostow on Russian youth's views on Czechoslovakia, among other documents.

Folder 5 (80 pages) - Mid-late July, 1968
Contains CIA and National Security Council memos and reports on the “Czechoslovak crisis,” analyses of Czechoslovak situation and possible Soviet reactions, troops (including map) in the region, the possible spread of reform tendencies to Ukraine, and the possible role and impact of trade, among other documents.

Folder 6  (70 pages) - April-June, 1968
Contains memoranda to President Johnson regarding the situation in Czechoslovakia and the advised response discussed with Jacob Beam and Secretary Rusk, discussions of Czechoslovakia’s need for Western support, and a report on East German fears of Czech influence on society, among other documents.
Folder 7 (55 pages) - Summer, 1968
Contains the 1968 Air Transport Agreement between the U.S. and Czechoslovakia, CIA and background memoranda on Air Transport negotiations, CIA intelligence memoranda on Czechoslovakia, and memoranda and notes on Novotny’s resignation, among other documents.

Folder 8 (80 pages) - August, 1968 
Contains telegrams and messages pertaining to the USSR intervention in Czechoslovakia during the Czech crisis, several telegrams concerning the U.S. Embassy in Czechoslovakia, and a chronology of all action taken by the United States during the Czech Crisis, among other documents.

Folder 9 (95 pages) - August, 1968
Contains a report detailing the chronology of events related to the occupation and invasion of Czechoslovakia, memoranda and reports regarding the consequences of Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and statements and memoranda describing concern over the possibility of Soviet intervention in Romania, among other documents.

Folder 10 (110 pages) - August, 1968 
Contains numerous intelligence updates to the president regarding unrest and potential invasion in Czechoslovakia during the Prague Spring, a body of documents reflect U.S. observations of the failure of the Prague Spring and the reactions of Eastern European states including Romania, Hungary and Poland, and other documents.

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