The Prague Spring Archive

Folder 2

Folder 2  (100 pages) - 1964-1968


Telegrams, memos, and reports on Czech foreign and domestic policy between 1964-1967. Subjects include foreign policy focused on Czech-German relations, Czech views on Vietnam War, Czech-Vietnam relations, CIA report on Czech “independence” move from USSR, Czech-Soviet relations, Czech’s at the UNGA in 1965, Czech views on non-proliferation, and the Pugwash Conference on nuclear issues. Discussion of domestic issues is focused on Czech-U.S. discourse on civil air transport agreement, the deportation of Kazan, CIA report on the Czech Communist Party’s 13th Congress, and general Czech-U.S. relations. Letters and memoranda include discourse from President Johnson, Kissinger, and Rostow with high-level Czechoslovak officials.

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