The Prague Spring Archive

Key Documents from Box 179

Folder 2
Letter on Kazan's Deportation

CIA Report on Czech Independence
Handwritten Note from President Johnson to Pugwash Conference
CIA Memo Regarding New Czech Policy
CIA Memo Regarding Czech Political Crisis
Memo of Conversation Between Kissinger and Snejdarek

Folder 3
Cable Regarding United States Place in Czech Crisis
Telegram Regarding United States-Czech Relations
Telegram Regarding Czech-Bloc Relations
Telegram Regarding United States Aid for Czechoslovakia 
Telegram Regarding Meeting Between Rusk and Dobrynin
CIA Cable Regarding Czech Situation

Folder 4
Text of Speech Given by Dubček
Note on Dubček's Speech to Czechoslovakia
Memo from Rostow Regarding Russian Views on Czechoslovakia
Memo Regarding Czech Gold and Claims

Folder 5
Full Text of Speech by Dubček
Map of Military Divisions Near Czechoslovakia

Folder 6
Note for President Johnson Regarding Meeting with Ambassador Beam
Report on Czech Economic Support
Memo on Czech Trade with the West
Memo Regarding Czech Influence in East Germany
Memo Regarding Treatment of Czechoslovakia
Memo Regarding United States-Czech Economic Questions
Memo Regarding Initiatives with Czechoslovakia
Memo on Cuban Imbroglio

Folder 7
Memo Regarding Czech President's Resignation
Note Regarding Novotny's Resignation

Folder 9
Report Regarding Communication Between Dobrynin and Secretary Rusk
Memo Regarding Expansion of Czech Task Force
Memo Regarding Newspaper Coverage of United States Intelligence
Memo Regarding Meeting About Czech Construction
Cable Describing Conversation About Czech Situation

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