James Lee Dickey: An Analysis of One African-American's Leadership in Jim Crow Texas

Out of the Office

Despite his professional and community commitments, Dr. Dickey was still a father. At every possible opportunity, he and James Jr. escaped with a can of worms and fishing poles. As his son segued to high school, Dr. and Mrs. Dickey spent Friday evenings watching Panther football in the field east of Blackshear/O. L. Price School. On Saturdays, teenagers descended on the Dickey home at 501 Elliot to watch television, one of the few televisions available to colored people in town. Everyone knew and respected the Dr. and Mrs. Dickey. They were legendary for their warmth, intellect, loyalty, and dedication. Dr. Dickey himself was renowned for his civic and medical ability. In fact, as this piece was written, when older Taylor residents were asked if they had known Dr. Dickey, they would beam as they bragged, “He birthed me!”

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