Scalar 2 User's Guide

How Annotations Appear in Scalar

Annotations appear in Scalar in a variety of ways.

Annotations on Media Pages

When you are viewing the page for a media file that has one or more annotations, an "Annotations" link will appear below the file in the media footer. Clicking the link will reveal a list of all the annotations associated with the file. Clicking an annotation will highlight the related portion of the annotated media.

Annotations in Content

It is possible to embed a direct reference to an annotation into the content of a page. When this is done, a media player for the file is inserted into the page along with the content. After a few seconds (depending on the media type), the player will cue the media to display the annotation. Further, when the annotated portions of temporal media are played, the content of an annotation is displayed below the media footer, allowing for dynamic display of annotations as the media unspools.

Annotations in Citations Pop-Ups

Clicking the "Citations" button in the media footer for a file opens a pop-up with an expanded view of the media. Clicking an annotation under "Annotations of this media" will highlight the related portion of the annotated media.

Annotation Pages

As mentioned above, each annotation is also its own page. These pages automatically embed their associated media below the content of the annotation itself.

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