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The syllabi assembled here represent nodal courses taught at a range of institutions from small liberal arts colleges to large R1 universities, and in a range of departments. You are welcome to use, modify, remix, and fork these syllabi. As a sign of respect for the enormous amount of work that goes into producing these syllabi and the generosity of the professors who share them with the network, we kindly ask that you cite the original instructors, who have all been linked to and are tagged on the respective pages. 
For additional information on sharing and citing syllabi, consider the column, "Citing Syllabi", by Konrad Lawson, in ProfHacker. 


Feminist Dialogues on Technology | Pitzer College

Instructor: Alex Juhasz

Transforming Cultures and Technologies
 | University of Maryland, College Park

Instructor: Alexis Lothian

Dialogues on Feminism and Technology
| The New School 

Instructors: Anne Balsamo and Veronica Paredes

Technology and Difference: A Cyberfeminist Approach | Ohio State University

Instructor: Carolyn Elerding

Gender, Media and New Technologies | Ohio State University

Instructor: Cricket Keating

Technopolitics | UC Riverside

Instructor: Dana Simmons

Collaborations in Feminism and Technology | University of Washington

Instructor: Ivette Bayo Urban

Learning Community | Rutgers University 

Instructor: Karen Alexander

Gender, Art & STEM | Penn State University

Instructor: Karen Keifer-Boyd

Gender and Technoculture | CSU Fullerton

Instructor: Karyl E. Ketchum

Feminism & Technology | CUNY

Instructor: Kathy McDonald

Technology & Culture | MIT

Instructor: Karl Surkan

Politics of Identity in America | Temple University

Instructor: Karl Surkan

Feminist Dialogues on Technology | UC San Diego

Instructor: Liz Losh

Dialogues in Feminism, Technology & Culture | University of Michigan

Instructor: Lisa Nakamura

Introduction to Gender & Information Technology | University of North Carolina

Instructor: Lilly Nguyen

Dialogues in Feminism & Technology | Yale University

Instructors: Laura Wexler and T.L. Cowan

Dialogues in Feminism & Technology | OCADU

Instructor: Maria Belén Ordóñez

Dialogues on Feminism & Technology | Brown University

Instructor: Megan Fernandes

Feminism Postfeminism Cyberfeminism | Cornell University

Instructor: Marìa Fernández

Collaborations in Feminism & Technology | Colby-Sawyer College

Instructor: Melissa Meade

Feminism Technology & Science | McMaster University 

Instructor: Paula Gardner

Feminism Technology & American Culture | BGSU

Instructor: Radhika Gajjala

Gender & Online Engagement | University of Washington

Instructor: R.Y. Lee

Dialogues on Feminism & Technology | University of Illinois 

Instructor: Sharon Irish

Collaborations in Feminism and Technology | The New School

Instructor: Veronica Paredes

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