FemTechNet Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook

Learning Activities

One of the most innovative activities of FemTechNet is the networked and collaborative nature of the activities incorporated into each nodal class, which serve to connect students from different learning contexts, life experiences, and time zones.

Networked Activities

Each year FemTechNet chooses a handful of Key Learning Projects to link students and classrooms. 


In addition to Key Learning Projects, FemTechNet educators have developed individual assignments, group projects, and teacher resources that emphasize critical race and ethnic studies as it relates to information culture.


Submission are ongoing and we encourage you to share your own Femtechnet content, syllabi, videos, references, and pedagogical resources. Please submit materials to: our Google Doc or femtechnetcres@gmail.com. We’re asking that submissions include contact information, biographical information, term taught, and institution or context, as everything will link back to the original author to promote responsible citational practices. All submissions will be cited with links back to the original author.

We've been blogged about! Read more about the CRES Workbook and how your submission can contribute on the blog for the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture. 

Contributors: Anne Cong-Huyen, Genevieve Carpio

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