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Field Guides to Food

Possible modules to add

Table Manners (etiquette of the site) + sharing sources of knowledge (Ganz), and assessments of them /
WHY TELL A STORY? (establish relevance in part via who cares/who prioritizes -- way to have things rise to top?)

Technical instructions- how to's of creating modules

Teaching with food-based Collaborative Learning Modules: rationale and organization of teacher engagement sections
- Renata has a whole series of possible questions

Rationale of "conventions" / justifications for food movement (/organization of field guide)

urban agriculture + community food programs (good example of where we'd have two smaller modules that could be connected to a larger lesson?)

science museum-related PAGE network (single story + investigations built on conversations with PAGE participants, like the hydrological cycle dragon)

agroecology (food and nature) (ideology of nature?)
- pollinators
- agriculture in Hawaii (some of these fleshed out more here:

Uncomfortable Dinner parties


Austrian Peter Shea stories
 (~20 of the german language ones + 4 english language)

SW MN Peter Shea stories

--> consider how to make FAMILIES of learning modules, like COLUMNS in a newspapers or regular features of a podcast

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