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Field Guides to Food

Connections between resources

The main reason to establish a connection between resources was when two resources covered the same topic with a different focus or point of view. (Connections were also noted if one resource was published on the same topic at around the same time and/or through the same funding as another. Such resources often also covered the same topic with a different focus or point of view.)

This diversity in focus or opinion within one major topic in food formed the base for constructing the learning modules, or paths, included in this Scalar book. The "best" connections are those between resources that enhance or balance each other (e.g. one covers the topic with special consideration of land use and economics, while the other covers the same topic with a focus on health and nutrition). These connections make for a sort of conversation about the topic, which can be explored online by users who read and view the various resources.

Our hope is that you, the users, will contribute to this online conversation by commenting, making more connections between resources already in this book, and adding new resources to the book to further enrich the conversation. Ultimately, we hope that these conversations among papers and videos on Scalar will translate into real, live conversations between their creators and viewers who may never have been put in contact otherwise!

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