Field Guides to Food

Food and Power

Curated by Phoebe Ward

Use: To provide information about the intersections between food and power, from the ruling paradigm of mass-produced, pesticide-heavy agriculture to the alternative food movements that have arisen in response.

This module was created by an undergraduate student interested in the above issues, but naturally anyone interested may use it.

Sunny Ruthchild runs Merryweather Gardens, which produces organic food and free-range meat products.
Ken Meter is a food systems analyst who has observed a trend of increasing poverty in rural areas.
William Moseley is a professor of Geography at Macalester College concerned by the recent push for the introduction of Green Revolution technologies to Africa.
Bill Brandt has farmed for thirty years in the Sioux Valley Township of Minnesota.
Steve Suppan is senior policy analyst for market regulation, trade and technology with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

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