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Field Guides to Food

Changes in food and crop prices in this region are influenced... global economic factors, as well as by regional supply and demand.

This statement was based on a passage from "Finding Food in Farm Country"
International trade policies have undermined commodity prices that were already low, and global economic uncertainty has weakened foreign markets that were once reliable to the region's growers.
And it is reflected in statements from the Institute of Food Technologists...
By focusing on public policy, food laws, and regulations that have national and international implications for the food industry, research, and consumer food safety, IFT keeps science at the center of related decision making.
...and the Minnesota Milk Producers Association.
International trade policies have a significant impact on Minnesota dairy producers... The goal of U.S. trade policy and future trade agreements should be to expand access to profitable markets for exports of U.S. dairy and other agricultural products.

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