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A Science Roadmap for Food and Agriculture (PDF)

In order to integrate social sciences and natural science into agriculture it is important to look at the issues and current framework. The Science Roadmap identifies the grand challenges towards a sustainable future.

Below are the identified societal needs found on page 2 of the report. Read through Grand Challenges 6 & 7 found on Pages 55-66 and 67-76.

How are the issues being framed? What would you do differently or what do you believe will be effective in addressing the following societal needs? 

"Framing the Needs and Identifying the “Grand Challenges.”
This Roadmap is framed around the following societal needs:

- The need for U.S. food and agricultural producers to be competitive in a global environment.

- The need for food and agricultural systems to be economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

- The need for U.S. agriculture to adapt and contribute to the mitigations of the effects of climate variability.

- The need to enhance energy security and support a sustainable bioeconomy in the United States.

_  The need for safe, healthy, and affordable foods.

- The need to address global food security and hunger.

- The need to be good stewards of the environment and natural resources.

- The need for strong and resilient individuals, families, and communities.

- The need to attract and develop the next generation of agricultural scientists.


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