Making the Perfect Record: From Inscription to Impression in Early Magnetic Recording

Technical Information

This essay is part of the “New Media” special issue of American Literature (volume 85, number 4, December 2013), http://10.1215/00029831-2370230, Duke University Press. The essay was composed and published using Scalar. It contains 3 paths, 101 pages, 33 media files, 60 notes, 4 media annotations, 13,550 words, and 86,963 characters (excluding spaces). All media is in the public domain or abides by fair use.  

The essay is also available in the following formats: 
The essay’s GitHub repository contains page content (in HTML, PDF, TXT, and RDF), image files (in PNG or JPG), audio files (in MP3), and Dublin Core metadata (in JSON or RDF). This repository can be freely downloaded, cloned, or forked and is maintained by the Maker Lab in the Humanities at the University of Victoria (   

All video referenced in the essay is housed in the Internet Archive.  

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