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To present the 39 restored works, a system was devised involving tags and organizing them alphabetically by title. The works themselves can be viewed in alphabetical order in the next page, and the tag descriptions can be found here. These tags serve to provide a brief overview regarding the key features of each piece for the reader's convenience.

Tag Summaries

Area Maps
Area maps are used to create images with clickable areas. They are usually presented as a <map> tag towards the end of an <img> tag, followed by a list of screen coordinates. Though rarer, area maps is included as a tag because of the unique functionality it introduces, allowing users to hover over various spots on an image to access different hyperlinks.

This is for works that include auditory components.

Broken or Missing works
Unfortunately, not all of the local files for the works within The Progressive Dinner Party could be obtained. This was either because the work no longer existed (such as Slattery’s Glide) or because contact could not be made with the author for missing files. When possible, an external link to the most complete version of the work was provided in the website.

This tag is applied to works that were produced by multiple artists.

Works that used Adobe Flash to produce animations or sounds were given this tag. Unfortunately, all support for Adobe Flash in modern web browsers will be dropped in December 2020; thus it was imperative that these works were restored within the Webrecorder to ensure their survival.

Frame sets are used in HTML to divide the screen into sections, or "frames", that coexist while simultaneously remaining separate from each other. These are works that use frames as main components for separating menus, images, buttons, and more.

GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) are still or animated images used by works to introduce animations with technology other than software such as Adobe Flash or Shockwave.

High Level Interactivity
On occasion, a work will demand greater participation on the users part than average to experience the work.

This tag specifies works that focus on hyperlinking text as a way of communicating messages.

Though many of the works featured in The Progressive Dinner Party include images, some of them cannot be easily navigated without them. Such works may be using images as the main way of presenting the piece. Others may include images to provide critical visual cues, such as written cues (like Home, Back and Next), or non-written cues (like arrows and other icons.)

Along with using the web coding languages HTML and CSS, JavaScript was oftentimes used to add more interesting functionality to a work.

For works that are presented in a linear fashion.

Macro Hypertext
This includes hypertexts that are unusually large, usually as a result of collaboration from one or more artists.

Page Refresh
Refreshing the page to redirect users to another is a fairly common practice among these web artists.

Proprietary Software
Many of the works relied on software produced by companies. Though Adobe Flash and Shockwave are considered proprietary, they were unique and used often enough to justify separate tags.

Artists on the web have many different methods of presentation at their disposal, which includes featuring their work as a slideshow.

This tag is given to works that utilize tables in an important way, such as for images or overlaying content.

This is for works that include video components.

This tag is applied to works utilizing Adobe Shockwave. Though support for Shockwave was dropped in April 2019, Shockwave plugins are still available for certain browsers. Thus, it was imperative that these works were restored with the Webrecorder to ensure their survival.

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