The Progressive Dinner Party Restored

The 39 Works

As aforementioned, The Progressive Dinner Party contains 39 digital works by female artists, which were chosen from Carolyn Guertin's site Assemblage: The Women's Hypertext Gallery. These works can be accessed through their place settings, and are listed  below in alphabetical order by title. Also included here are tags describing the work, which include descriptions in the previous page. These tags serve to provide a brief overview regarding the nature of each piece for the reader's convenience.

The majority of the works have been run through the Webrecorder for preservation purposes. Many can still be found in their original states on the web, though the updated version of The Progressive Dinner Party uses the URLS generated by the Webrecorder whenever possible.

Frames, Tables, Image Rich, Area Maps, GIFs, High Interactivity, JavaScript, Hypertext, Macro Hypertext, Micro Hypertext, Slideshows, Video, Audio, Page Refresh, Linear, Proprietary Software, Collaboration, Flash, Shockwave, Broken and Missing

Agatha Appears

by Olia Lialina
Frames, High Interactivity, Image Rich

Being Human

by Annie Abrahams
Tags: Macro Hypertext


by Diane Caney
Tags: Macro Hypertext, JavaScript

Blood Puppets: A Premillennium Manifesto

by Mez Breeze
Tags: Tables, Slideshows

Bound and Gagged

by Di Ball
Tags: Page Refresh, GIFs, Video, Audio

Brain Dress B

by Lori Weidenhammer
Tags: JavaScript, Tables, Image Rich, Missing

Charmed Horizon

by Kim Stringfellow
Tags: Tables, JavaScript, Image Rich, Missing

Cutting Edges or A Web of Women

by Ruth Nestvold
Tags: Hypertext

Dark Lethe

by Leonie Winson
Tags: Macro Hypertext, Tables, Collaboration


by Tina la Porta
Tags: Linear

Empty Velocity

by Angie Eng
Tags: Hypertext, Proprietary Software (Macromedia, QuickTime), Audio, JavaScript

Endless Suburbs

by M. D. Coverley
Tags: Hypertext, Frames, Java Applets


by Martha Conway
Tags: Hypertext

Glass Houses

by Jacalyn Lopez Garcia
Tags: Hypertext, Proprietary Software (Adobe PageMill)


by Diana Slattery
Tags: Shockwave, Flash, Audio, Broken


by Alicia Felberbaum
Tags: Hypertext, Shockwave, JavaScript, Tables

Illusions, Philosophical Toy World

by Zoe Beloff
Tags: Proprietary Software (Adobe GoLive 4), Frames


by Mary-Kim Arnold
Tags: Hypertext, Frames, Page Refresh, Collaboration

Light is Silent

by Jennifer Ley
Tags: Micro Hypertext, Frames, Tables


by Christy Sanford
Tags: Hypertext, JavaScript

LiLy Pond: a poststructural gardening thriller

by Jyanni Steffenson
Tags: Micro Hypertext, Page Refresh, Video

Los Dias y Los Noches de las Muertas

by Francesca da Rimini
Tags: Frames, Image Rich, Audio

Mother Millennia

by Carolyn Guyer
Tags: Hypertext, Collaboration

Mountain Rumbles

by Deena Larsen
Tags: Micro Hypertext, Frames

my body: A Wunderkammer

by Shelley Jackson
Tags: Hypertext, Area Maps, Tables

Noon Quilt

by Sue Thomas and Teri Hoskin
Tags: Hypertext, Collaboration, Tables, JavaScript

Pronunciation: 'fut' or: A Tool and its Means

by Claire Dinsmore
Tags: Flash, JavaScript, Area Maps


by Geniwate
Tags: Hypertext, Shockwave, Tables

Salome went to Soho to See Her Poster in a Show

by JeanNet and Raquel Rivera
Tags: Tables, Image Rich, Missing

Silicon Valley Journal

by Cathy Marshall
Tags: Micro Hypertext

skeleton sky: a millennium poem

by Carolyn Guertin
Tags: Hypertext, Tables

The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot

by Stephanie Strickland
Tags: Hypertext, Frames

The Book after the Book

by Giselle Beiguelman
Tags: Hypertext, Tables, JavaScript, Page Refresh

The Electronic Chronicles

by Adrianne Wortzel
Tags: Hypertext

The Flight of A821: Dearchiving the Proceedings of a Birdsong.

by Marta Werner
Tags: Frames, Missing

The Intruder

by Natalie Bookchin
Tags: Shockwave, Audio, High Interactivity

The Roar of Destiny Emanated from the Refrigerator. I got up to get a beer.

by Judy Malloy
Tags: Hypertext, Page Refresh, Audio

*water always writes in *plural

by Linda Carroli and Josephine Wilson
Tags: Hypertext, Shockwave, Audio

Zones of Recognition

by Lehan Ramsay
Tags: Flash, Missing


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