Tastes of Scandinavian Heritage: Recipes & Research

Derek Algaard's Food Heritage Project

For the first time in my life, I made a traditional Norwegian dish with my grandmother Barbara Olsen. December 6th, 2015 I met my grandmother at my own mother's house to prepare Barb's aunt's (my great great aunt) original, hand-written krumkake recipe. My Norwegian heritage has cultivated a deep appreciation for all things Scandinavian, yet until this time I had never once thought about asking my own Grandmother to share with me her own Norwegian heritage.

     Barb grew up on a small farm, in a Norwegian community, in rural Minnesota. My grandmother told me that during the wintertime her dad would command a sleigh to take her to school several miles away and all of the other Norwegian children would run out to road and wait to be picked up by my great grandfather. She liked to note that since then times have changed. She no longer makes authentic Norwegian food like her family and herself once did. When I approached her to teach me about this recipe, she could not have possibly been any more excited.

     Although Barb acted shy when I asked to interview her, I learned more about my grandmother in one sitting than I had prior to that point in my life. Aside from getting to know Barb more, I did learn what it takes to make krumkake and even received the original broom handle my great grandmother used to make krumkake for years. Barb continued to use that broom handle until she stopped preparing this Norwegian delight. This section intends to cover the history of krumkake, the ingredients needed and preparation process, and a complete transcription of my interview with Barb. I hope you all enjoy this recipe and consider making krumkake at your next Christmas get together!

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