Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Race and the Digital

This site investigates the study of race and ethnicity and its import for the digital humanities.

Building upon an interdisciplinary list of readings and multimedia sources, undergraduates at UCLA  have designed these pages to examine the ways racial formation is embedded in 21st century technologies, from circuits manufactured on Navajo land to smartphone applications designed by urban day laborers. Areas of focus include the digital divide, labor, cyberfeminism, and the role of social media in contemporary activism. Together, this project foregrounds questions of accessibility and the digital divide in an approach that connects race, space, and the digital.

To navigate this project, choose from the paths below, explore tags, or leave a comment. The Race and the Digital Blog connects academic articles to contemporary media in order to highlight the ways racial formation is embedded in 21st century technologies. The Digital Divide connects to a series of research projects examining the ways race shapes access/participation with information and communication technologies (ICTs). Student Portfolios serves as a showcase of student work. Selected readings at the intersection of critical race and ethnic studies and the digital humanities can be found on the Course Syllabus.

We invite you to explore this project, to post comments, and make suggestions for additional content.

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