Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies


There have been various social movements that center around women and the injustices they face within their lives. It is #Yesallwomen that has been the most popular social media movement bringing attention to those injustices faced by women online instead of offline. #Yesallwomen is an open social media movement that allows all women of different age, race, and personal identities to come together and share their stories of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. Even men are welcomed into the social media movement in order to share their own comments, support, or concerns of such stories that are shared. Twitter was the foundation of such a social media movement, and with the advancement of digital technology, such a social media movement was permitted to spread to other new media platforms. #Yesallwomen is a digital activism movement that has empowered women from tragedies such as the one that occurred in Isla Vista, California. Social movements have always been about bringing together people that share a similarity in bringing about change to a certain social or political movement, and #Yesallwomen did just that except with a different approach. The digital world can be utilized as a tool to give those who feel suppressed voices and bring attention to a dilemma that many people turn their backs to. #Yesallwomen along with other social media movements have demonstrated that the digital humanities in fact has an important role in our daily lives and our digital participation/activity. Sometimes the digital world may tear us apart in showing our differences and allowing us to shun one another publicly or even privately, but such a powerful social media movement as this shows that it can sometimes also bring us together. We are one, and one's war/battles can affect us all whether we give recognition or not.

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