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Sam Wilson: The Captain America We Deserve

Another hero that was originally white and then had an African American replacement was Captain America. The original captain America was Steve Rogers. His character fought alongside the Falcon, or Sam Wilson in World War II, and it is Sam that ended up taking his place to serve as Captain America. Just like with Miles Morales, fans reactions to black Captain America were met with a considerable amount of negativity. Not only were there posts from outraged, racist, white people but even African Americans spoke out against this. Perhaps the resistance to a black Captain America from both sides results from “liberals [that feel] black people are to be ‘included’ and integrated’ into ‘our’ society and culture and conservatives [that feel] they are to be ‘well behaved’ and ‘worthy of acceptance’ by ‘our’ way of life (West 263). Indeed, a change in race will change things for a hero. This being such a big issue has given the story telling aspect of Sam's life as the first African American Captain America to a much realer level. In both his own series and the All-New All- Different Avengers, we see Sam deal with the racial issues of his own world rejecting him as Captain America. Sam Wilson is the first Captain America to lead an all ethic and diverse team of Avengers which includes Miles Morales Spider-man. After the return of Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson contuies to uphold the mantle of Captain America. Sam's first book is titled Not My Captain America, where the first issue addresses Sam's diffcult struggle of being the first African American Captain America. An African American superhero is not free from racial injustice, but people must ask themselves if race has anything to do with being heroic?

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