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Black Panther: The Roaring Empowerment of Comics

Perhaps one of the fiercest representations of an empowered black hero is the Black Panther.  He is king of the African nation Wakanda. The more recent edition of Black Panther is written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, author or
Between the World and Me. In the new comics, the Black Panther is very proud of his roots and the nation he rules, he lives to serve and protect his people and in doing so possesses the true qualities of a hero. One of his best attributes is his intellect. He is a skilled scientist and has a Ph.D. in Physics from Oxford University. The Black Panther does not reflect social stereotypes and his Blackness is part of what makes him so great, he is determined to fight for the justice of his people at all costs. Black Panther has recently made his way into the world of cinema, in Captain America Civil War. Throughout the entire film T- Challa seeks revenge on Bucky Barnes the man accused of killing T-Challa father the king of Wakanda, At the end when he finally face's the real man who murdered his father, he doesn't seek vengeance. He stops the man from killing himself and says "The living are not done with you yet". Showing how Black Panther represents one of most fiercest and smartest representation in comics that empowers young men and women of all races.

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