Creative Practice as Research: Discourse on Methodology

Outline of Practice-Based Method

The method I propose (outlined in the Figure below), drawn from the combination of these observation and analysis approaches, is based upon the Practitioner Model of Creative Cognition presented in this project. The basic method is to engage in the creative practice in order to explore a research question: how does applying something unfamiliar/new/different to a familiar act/practice affect the practitioner’s process and the creative artifacts? In addition to the creative practice, significant contextual research is generally warranted in the scholarly domains pertinent to the creative project, including close readings of extant creative works as well as awareness and understanding of relevant critical theory. This research not only contributes toward contextualization and analysis of the creative work, it also has significant impact upon the creative process and artifacts. What follows in this section is a detailed overview of the entire method; used in combination with the Practitioner Model of Creative Cognition, it serves as a robust foundation from which to conduct practice-based research in the creative arts.

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The following sections describe the various phases outlined.

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