Creative Practice as Research: Discourse on Methodology

Key difference between "practice-based" and "practice-led"

I've mostly described projects here that are practice-based - research that is first and foremost research, but is conducted through exploration in creative practice.

I think what you're describing is more practice-led, where the practice raises questions that can be explored through further research. It's a distinction that I've always found difficult (after all, how do we come up with questions in practice-based research unless we've at least already done SOME practice???), but seems relevant here.

Since I focus mostly on practice-based research, that's what my model is founded on. I'd love to add another model to this resource that is practice-led! If you've developed a methodology on your project, and would want to post it or link to it, I think that would be really useful. There's definitely more than one way to skin the practice-research cat.

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