Creative Practice as Research: Discourse on Methodology

Application of the Practitioner Model of Creative Cognition

The Practitioner Model of Creative Cognition was developed as part of a larger research project that is still being disseminated, and will eventually be collected under the title Ctrl-Alt-Write. The creative artefact, a digital novel, can be accessed at To date, the following articles have resulted from this project:

Skains, L., under review. The Materiality of the Intangible: Literary Metaphor in Multimodal Texts. Convergence.

Skains, L., 2017. The Adaptive Process of Multimodal Composition: How Developing Tacit Knowledge of Digital Tools Affects Creative Writing. Computers and Composition, (forthcoming).

Skains, L., 2016. Creative Commons and Appropriation: Implicit Collaboration in Digital Works. Publications, [online] 4(1). Available at:

Skains, L., 2016. The Fragmented Digital Gaze: The Effects of Multimodal Composition on Narrative Perspective. Qualitative Inquiry, Special Issue: Hypermodal Inquiry, 22(3), pp.183–190. Available at:

Skains, L., 2013. Færwhile & the Multimodal Creative Practice: Composing Fiction from Analogue to Digital. PhD Thesis, Bangor University.

Have you made use of this model, or a similar model, in your published research? Please add publications in the comments.

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