#95, people actually DO get it

This #100hardtruths was given to me by my sister, Antonia Juhasz, a leading energy analyst, author, and investigative journalist specializing in oil.

“As we close out Donald Trump’s first 100 days, hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets all across the U.S. and around the world defending Facts, Hard Data, Truth, and the fundamentals of Science.
Donald Trump ends his 100 days with the lowest approval rating of any U.S. President in the history of Gallup’s poll, begun in 1953. The reality is that Americans are paying attention. They do not believe Trump’s lies, and are resisting. Republicans are listening: Trump has been unable to move a single piece of legislation requiring Congressional action even though his party controls the White House and both chambers of Congress. The only policies he’s succeeded in implementing are those he does himself. These have been disastrous, and the American public, the courts, the media, and policy makers have all responded. Identifying a Fake President is similar to identifying Fake News: Read to the end of an article. Check your sources. Don’t base your knowledge of a topic, nor claim expertise, after readying just one article, or headline, or tweet. Question what you think you know and what others tell you. Take action when you’ve been fed a lie. The reality is, people are doing just this.”

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