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Star of the Sea : A Postcolonial/Postmodern Voyage into the Irish Famine


Movies provide a medium that can visually represent the experiences and sentiments of the past, specifically stories revolving around the issue of the Irish Famine. The emotional attachment emphasized with the book section and the physical memorials section is still very much present in the production of films. We visually see characters and their interactions and how things like the Famine can drastically alter normality for these people. While reading about the Famine is certainly beneficial, there’s something to be said about the visual stimulation when seeing recreations of the devastation and hardships the Irish faced during and around the time of the Famine. Movies and films are able to educate as well, with documentaries focusing on spotlighting the history of the famine rather than producing scenic representation of the experiences of the famine as some feature films do. Both have value in their importance as memorializing the human experiences during the potato famine in Ireland.  
Researcher/Writer: Ben Deetz
Technical Designers: Abbey Benson and Ellen Rethwisch

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