Star of the Sea : A Postcolonial/Postmodern Voyage into the Irish Famine

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This Scalar book is centered on learning, with the goal of helping those who are coming to Star of the Sea as first-time readers, students, or teachers.  We imagine that you may have questions or want to know more about the background to this novel, about ways of thinking about the issues raised by the novel, and about how the novel connects to Irish history and the wider postcolonial world.

The authors of the pages have also been engaged in learning since they are students in either Postcolonial Literatures with Professor Dawn Duncan or Technical Writing with Professor Erika Strandjord at Concordia College–Moorhead, MN.  Both upper-level courses allow students to apply their learning in ways that reach beyond the classroom.  The literature students did the deep research and wrote the content provided, while the technical writing students worked as the design teams for the website and created interactive content.

Enter and learn more about postcolonial theory, postmodern theory, the author Joseph O'Connor, and the novel.  Then take a deeper look at specific issues in Star of the Sea. The three index bars on the top left allow you use the drop down menu at any time.

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