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Star of the Sea : A Postcolonial/Postmodern Voyage into the Irish Famine

"Irish Male" Series, 1994-2009

The Secret World of the Irish Male (1994)
The Irish Male at Home and Abroad (1996)
The Last of the Irish Males (2001)
The Irish Male: His Greatest Hits (2009)

O’Connor’s “Irish Male” series contains collection of his newspaper columns and radio diaries (performed for RTE One’s “Drivetime” program), which mainly consist of reflections upon “contemporary Irish life” (“The Secret World”). The largely lighthearted stories cover such topics as O’Connor’s experiences in the world of boxing and a series covering the World Cup, while occasionally delving into more serious topics such as an encounter with an Irish migrant in London (“The Secret World”). The Irish Times wrote of The Irish Male – His Greatest Hits, “If you need to spend an afternoon with a silly grin, and sometimes tears of laughter, this is your only man” (“Greatest Hits”).

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