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Star of the Sea : A Postcolonial/Postmodern Voyage into the Irish Famine

Ghost Light, 2010

Ghost Light, set in 1907 Dublin, is the story of Molly Allgood, an up-and-coming teenage actress from the inner city. Molly is dating her theater’s leading playwright, John Synge, “a poet of fiery language and tempestuous passions.” However, John’s life “is hampered by Edwardian conventions and by the austere and God-fearing mother with whom he lives” (“Ghost Light”). Based on the real lives of this couple, much of Ghost Light is “told in flashbacks from 1952, when an aging and broken Molly, mired in London, looks back on her brush with greatness” (Benfey). The novel, which has been featured on numerous Books of the Year lists, was praised by the Irish Times as “a great love story, with extras: a virtuoso display of literary talent” (“Ghost Light).

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