Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

What truly is effective

It's hard to decided wether cyberactivism truly makes a difference. Some successful examples we have seen are the hashtags we talked about on Tuesday. Such as #Blacklivesmatter #icantbreathe #oscarssowhite. There is an awareness when a large amount of people choose to talk about it. That being said, while it's not much for physical rallies it does aid in it's own way. I'll be honeat and admit that I over look these things. Unless someone brings it to my attention I have no idea this injustice is happening. While we have people educating us on the struggles, we also deal with those who wish to troll these hashtags. New media is what allows information to spread. The only struggle is when old media presents an older generation with a biased opinion or sometimes don't present it at all. It's the need for figuring out a way for an older generation to recieve the news and be able to participate.

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