Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

The Digital Divide Bridge is Falling Down

Perhaps the digital divide may be rapidly closing for people of color/white women (who I think may belong to the middle and upper classes of society); however this has not occurred for people of color in the lower classes. Decreasing prices of computers, cell phones, etc. definitely helps those lacking technological resources to purchase the devices; but what of the companies that they must pay to connect the devices to cyberspace? I find it rather ironic that Wright mentioned right in the start of her article that "[R]ace and gender...resemble their 'real time' counterparts..." (Wright 2016: 48), but then (as you mention) says that the divide is rapidly closing. Maybe it is progressing, but I disagree and refuse to say that it is rapidly closing. I did not know about the digital divide before taking this class, and really did not think about how many are affected by it.

I like that this is yet another paper that expands on the issue of the digital divide, but I feel that we (the people aware about the divide and/or fighting to end this situation), we must move on past the "victimization" stage. I am not suggesting that individuals affected in the digital divide play the victim card; they are experiencing unjust treatment. However, people know that the digital divide is up and running. It is my opinion, society as a whole must move on from this and go forth to change what is making our experience unjust. It will take time and a lot of effort, but it is time to go out onto the field and not simply write about it. The least people can do is be aware of situations, and the first action to delete it is to educate the masses about it.

Wright briefly mentions toward the end that people may sometimes feel the need to conform (when stating that a practical reason that explains why black nationalism remains attractive is because it offers a reassuring homogeneity). Society must not conform that the digital divide is supposedly closing rapidly; nothing will be done to completely destroy it if it is improving. Society must not conform to know that the digital divide still exists. We must conform only when we do not have to speak of a digital divide any longer. I enjoyed reading your blog, and very interesting TED presentations you chose to share with us.

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