Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

The Digital Divide and Generating Interest

In addressing your first question on Wright’s statement that the digital divide is “rapidly closing,” Ebony brings up an excellent point. While surely many more individuals have progressively obtained greater access to the Internet than in the past, too many rural, low income, minority, and/or non-English speaking populations have continued to remain disconnected. Moreover, the digital divide goes beyond just access to the Internet. What about the participation divide? There continues to be wide disparities in who is actually posting, uploading, sharing, and creating content online.

In regards to your second question, I am a zealous supporter of social programs like Black Code, which bring knowledge and skills into the realm of underprivileged communities. To put the question of whether or not programs like Black Code are beneficial, I must ask: How can students become interested in something they know little to nothing about? For many underprivileged individuals, the field of engineering is unexplored, remote, and foreign and I believe that programs like Black Code help discount some of these feelings and actualities. In the case with engineering, once students become familiar with the field, some (not all) will become interested in engineering and eventually pursue a career in that field.

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