Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Slowly...just slowly

I think that these programs aimed at increasing women access and availability to these technological fields is important and actually working. Although I dont think that the change can be noted within one or two generations, I think this technological gap is closing because there are more initiatives every year. I don't think that the gap is however closing at a rapid enough speed. I think that by the time minorities gain similar access and ability to use the internet, as whites do now there will be some new technology that they will still lack access to.

I liked the second video that you put it, I think that the more we are able to visualize and place a reference to the things we read, the more understandable and digestable they become. I think that your blog did a great job of highlighting the hierarchy that still exists within the technological field. I think that money and resources are one of the biggest issues that needs to be address. Once the upper class can humanize and empathize with the needs to the marginalized communities, then we can really work to bridge the gaps; until that moment progress is very slow.

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